How to have a productive week

Productivity is something that I need, specially now! I’m a college student, I work occasionally, I’m doing an online course and to add up, I just started blogging! So as you can see organization is something that is crucial for keeping me on top of things. These are just some tips for you to make [...]


5 things that changed my life

  Today I decided to reveal the tools that I use to live my dream life! These are things that completely changed my life and that hopefully will give you some inspiration! I’m very open to new things but these were the 5 things responsible for my overall health and happiness! Here we go: 1. [...]

My 100 Goals: bucket list

I'm a big believer in goal setting. We all feel the excitement when we make them, but over time that feeling gives place to the overwhelming effect of what the next step is. Today I want to focus the attention to the importance of goal setting and how having a clear vision of what you want from life, can have a huge [...]